Destiny~ How I Started

Modeling honestly is something that just, came to me.

At the end of 2017 I met African dress designer Rodney Alexander at my aunt’s Christmas/Birthday party. Maybe a month after that he asked me to model for him and sent me information for the Essex County College Fashion Show - What’s My Name 2.0 casting in February. I went for a fitting by Rodney and he posted my photos on his Instagram page, from there everything kicked off.


Jewelz Alizé is a freelance model based in New Jersey. Her modeling career debuted March 2018 thanks to Rodney Alexander whom she is currently a brand ambassador for.


She has been published 5 times to date and is a brand ambassador for a total of 3 designers.


In 2019 she started working with designer/filmmaker Crystal Glass as the brand ambassador for Lor' Dour Design (@LorDourDesign) based in Irvington, NJ. She is also the brand ambassador for Nayburhood Kool Kat (@KoolKatNYC) based in Brooklyn, NY.


Jewelz is a double major at Caldwell University.  She will be graduating in 2021 with a Bachelors in Public Health Education, a Bachelors in Psychology after a 2 year leave.

Last year she found a passion for helping her community become more financially literate through free financial planning. She is currently taking licensing exams for Asset Management/ Investments.

21 years old, graduated high school at 16, and has been providing for herself / living on her own since 17. She wants to guide other millennials in following their dreams while being self sufficient. 

"Welcome to my world."

Jewelz Alizé