Mission: My goal for this campaign is to not only showcase myself, but the incredible #BlackOwned businesses that I have been working with over the past 2 years. This includes photographers, MUA, creative directors, videographers, models, clothing brands, etc. 

Designer: Nayburhood Kool Kat (@KoolKatNYC)

As a brand ambassador for this clothing line, you will receive a 10% discount when you mention you were referred by Jewelz Alize.

Creative Director: @_Jewelz.Alize

Photographer: @Abuu_vizions_

Photographer (last 4 photos): @Xaero_one

Male Model: @Justice_E_Baskin

Male Model (bandanna) : @TitanForeverExclusive

 Nayburhood Kool Kat Commercial Coming SOON!

Videographer: @FilmShootersMedia

Creative Director: @_Jewelz.Alize

Male Model  : @TitanForeverExclusive

Due to being an affiliate of Film Shooters Media, when you mention you were referred by Jewelz Alize, you will receive a 25-50% discount on all video services.

Designer: Lor Dour Design (@LorDourDesign)

Crystal Glass, the designer for this clothing line is also CEO of Style Maven Magazine (@StyleMavenMagazine), as well as a photographer. As a brand ambassador, when you mention you were referred by Jewelz Alize you will receive a 25% discount on your first photoshoot. 

Green sequin dress shoot ~

Creative Director: @_Jewelz.Alize

Photographer: @Canon.Ortega

Flower pot shoot~

Creative director: @LorDourDesign

Photographer: Crystal Glass Photography 

 Commercial Coming SOON!