A Beautiful Mind

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

Thoughts that are too big to embody

A Spirit too strong to hold

I am my own.

I am me.

Jewelz Alizé

You get lost in webs of complexity


You're confused

And your energy doesn't know where to flow

Whether it's the paper, the floor

Your body melts,

Molding to more

Painting Picasso and Michaelangelo

Stature and stature

Masterpieces caught in the moment

Flaunt it, you're finally on it

You've gotten your power

The worlds final hour

Black and Beautiful

Black is NOT evil

Black does not embody DARKNESS

It embodies LIGHT as well

Soaking in the Essence

Our Mind is the balance

The dance between Evil and Good

Is a ballet for the conscious.


Passion is a beautiful thing. Humans are beautiful, until their nature tears them apart.

FUN FACT: This poem took 2 minutes to write ~ free flowing, freestyle, unedited.

Let the power in you, connect with the power in this.

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