Extra on Season 2 Vengeance

Yesterday December 1st was my first day on any acting set, thanks to one of my model advisors Wayne Winston. Myself and a couple other models were brought on as extras for a restaurant scene based around a character Argon (I will post the photo in an update). Instead of being a patron at the restaurant as planned, I was given the small role of a waitress.

Short but sweet ~ though its a short cameo, it is somewhere to start. Screencredits to be begin the game with. They started filming Jimmy’s (Brian J. White) scene after ours was done. Being able to see the acting live was a feeling I’m never going to forget. It’s a different energy, very inspirational in the channeling of a character. It’s visable shift in the person, as well as the air around them, something so powerful.

More than watching him act, speaking to Brian and hearing about his community actions like speaking at schools across the country to inspire black students to know their ancestry and power was inspirational . Knowledge is power and so many of us (myself included) don’t know our narrative before slavery in this country. He explained that the ploy to enslave the black mind began with Lynch coming from the West Indies with slaves: if you destroy their history, you can create a new starting point. By starting our narrative with slavery, rather than the Royal Empires of Africa - you control our self esteem and idea that our people have not made a great contribution to society. He has a book called “Black Carpenter“ that I will be checking out.

Brian also started acting as an extra in a show ~ they were filming in a church and the lead wasn’t able to cry on command. Given the actress was someone he was inspired by and was little boy, he was accidentally filmed crying In the back ground. The cameras widened the shot to catch him in it, and the rest is history.

Being in the right place at the right time, I also got to meet and speak to popular casting director from Los Angeles Peter Wise on set yesterday. A gave him my contact info, and now the seed has been planned for me to think about going out LA next year. Probably after my stop in San Diego next summer.

My first acting experience isn’t one I’m going to forget. Who knows maybe this can go hand in hand with modeling for me. It’s definitely on my radar now as something to look forward too and open to doing more of. Catch me on the big screen in a few years!

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