Fall For Him


I waited for him

I waited for him to take the first brick down from the wall

I waited for him to whisper I had open arms in which to fall

It was not his words

It was the whisper of his soul recognizing mine

That I craved to hear

A craving of which I was starved

The seeds were planted in the wrong soil

The water, and sunshine were never enough

The seeds weren't defected

I left my heart unprotected, to be taken where it didn't belong

Unbeknownst to my mind; But clear to my heart

My mind was tangled up in the lies of my heart

The tears from my eyes that began to fall

He never understood

The tower of my heart from which I spoke

He never heard the words that came

With my voice that wavered in the wind

Hoping he would hear me cry

Hoping he would hear my soul longing for his

A cry that never was returned.

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