We, The Meek

Updated: May 22, 2019

Of course

It always comes in the form

of the meek

or children

Truth is known

Truth is felt;

It has not been told

To wonder

The children take in their senses

To make sense of

The illusion, illustrating

Our storybook of life

Lusting for recognition

This generation looks for wealth

Health, in the worst condition

Toying with guns, ammunition

Young boys

Trapped in their minds

Rob in stealth

Storybook painted in crime

Senses, poisoned his mind

These curtains

Wont pull back in time

Truth always came to him

When his eyes were closed

Brother, sister, mother

Arms linked in love

Behind each other


they're crying

Thinking about seeing him dying

in jail

Raised and walked through hell

They could never see through his eyes

Mother tried to tell him

His bloodline was Great

But in his veins

All he felt there was hate

Replace that with love

Your guidance doesn't come from above

It comes from within

Everyone here is living in sin

The change we need

Is in our flow

In love, we'll grow prosperous

Leave behind the lies told to us

We, the meek

Will rise out of poverty

To take back

Our land you seek.

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